Aeon PE tail gas valves now available with PUR coating

Aeon PE tail gas valves now available with PUR coating

We are pleased to announce that our range of OptiValve and OptiValve Plus with PE tail is now available with PUR coating for increased protection and corrosion resistance.

The Aeon OptiValve and OptiValve Plus are innovative valve solutions designed with a compressible NBR encapsulated ductile iron wedge with patented dual seal technology for optimum flow control. The valves are easy to operate with a low number of turns and low closing torque. They are protected with a yellow epoxy coating applied externally and internally of a minimum 250 microns, with an additional black PUR layer applied over the epoxy coating for increased corrosion, abrasion and chemical resistance and protection during handling, transportation and installation. For maximum valve traceability, the Aeon valves are supplied with an indelible identification label with a unique QR code, which can be scanned and uploaded to the Aeon Valve Locator application.

The Aeon OptiValve is constructed from a 2-part casting, whilst the OptiValve Plus is designed with a 3-part casting with additional NBR valve stem seals. They are supplied with clockwise closing and a bare stem as standard, with optional cap top or hand wheel, or a position indicator for the OptiValve Plus range. For safety and ease of handling, valves from 150 mm and above are supplied with lifting eye bolts.

Suitable for maximum operating pressures (MOP) of 10 bar or 7 bar (double block and bleed), for the Aeon OptiValve and OptiValve Plus with PE tail are ideal for connection to Radius Systems’ SC100 range of PE100 SDR11 pipelines, using their 7 bar rated electrofusion couplings.

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Date : Oct 17, 2018
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