Aeon launches new EcoValve for water and wastewater applications

Aeon launches new EcoValve for water and wastewater applications

Aeon are introducing a new range of resilient seated gate valves, EcoValveTM, to complement their current range of innovative water and wastewater valve solutions.  Available in diameters DN50 to DN300mm, the EcoValveTM is approved to the UK Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme (WRAS) for use in drinking water applications,, as well as wastewater treatment plants and other none aggressive fluid applications.  

The EcoValveTM is a cost effective and low maintenance valve solution to pipeline construction and is easy to operate with its low opening and closing torque.  One of the main features of the new EcoValveTM is its non-rising valve stem, which, combined with a series of three EPDM stem O-ring packing seals and an elastomeric packing-gland dust closure seal, ensures maximum leak-tightness.  The EcoValve TM are self-cleansing in operation and feature a smooth internal bore with no gate recess, eliminating silt and debris entrapment points.

For longevity and corrosion protection, the EcoValveTM incorporates a corrosion resistant stainless steel stem and a water quality approved EPDM encapsulated ductile iron gate offering optimum water flow control.  In addition, the body and bonnet of the EcoValve TM are manufactured from ductile iron and coated both internally and externally with a minimum of 250 micron thickness blue epoxy for maximum corrosion protection.  Additional third party laboratory tests, including spray salt tests, were successfully carried out on the epoxy finish and thickness in line with European Standards and GSK requirements.  Our range of EcoValveTM are available from stock with either cap top or hand wheel configurations in diameters up to and including DN300 mm in both clockwise and anti-clockwise closure.  They are available on request in diameters up to DN600 mm.

For more information on the Aeon range of EcoValveTM, please contact us on t: +44 (0)1325 621178 or e: or visit our website


Aeon are part of the Radius Group, a multi-national market leader in pipeline solutions for the water, wastewater, gas, fire protection and telecommunications sectors.  They supply a wide range of innovative valve solutions for building services and the utility & construction industry.

Date : May 24, 2018
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