OptiValve Plus with PE tail - Gas gate valve

Our state of the art range of Type B OptiValve Plus, fitted with PE tails, are specifically designed for polyethylene gas pipeline networks.

Specially constructed with factory connected PE pipe lengths at either side of the valve body, the OptiValve Plus with PE tail is the ideal solution for PE gas pipeline valve installation requirements, as it is ready to joint, using butt-fusion or electrofusion, without the need for additional mechanical components.  Ideal in pipeline extension or diversion projects.  Available to fit PE pipelines 63 mm to 315 mm.

Valve type Type B
Diameter range 63 mm - 315 mm
Maximum operating pressure 10 bar / PN16 for pipe PE100
7 bar for double-block-and-bleed - optional
Approvals BSI Kitemark, CE (PED 2014/68EU), KIWA, INIG, SII
Russian Certificate of Conformity
Coating 250 μm FBE coating, external and internal
PUR available upon request