OptiValve Plus F4 & F5 - Gas gate valve

Our state of the art range of Type B F4 and F5 valves are an innovative solution for all your gas pipeline requirements.

Manufactured from high grade components with high performance features for strength and increased valve lifetime, our F4 & F5 OptiValve Plus are designed with a 3-part casting, which allows parts to be replaced on a live pipeline without the need to close the valve.  The fully NBR encaspsulated patented double seated wedge within the valve, offers optimum flow control.

Valve type Type B
Diameter range DN80 - DN400
Maximum operating pressure 7 bar double block and bleed with vent plug
16 bar without vent plug available
Coating Epoxy 250 micron FPE coating, external and internal
PUR available on request
Flange PN16