Innovative solutions for gas pipeline repair and branch connections

Innovative solutions for gas pipeline repair and branch connections

When you need to carry out a repair or make an under-pressure connection to your gas pipeline, we want to ensure you have the right product for a successful operation. Aeon’s new range of metallic repair clamps, under-pressure tees and boss clamps are the perfect fittings solution to connect or repair cast and ductile iron gas pipelines.

Constructed from stainless steel, ductile iron and zinc-passivated coated carbon steel for optimal corrosion resistance, our fittings have been designed with an innovative high performance wrap around rubber gasket that delivers maximum sealing capabilities.

Maximum leak-tightness

Our fittings combine a special wrap around stainless steel construction and our unique waffle NBR seal designed

with an enhanced pocket profile, which, when compressed, deforms onto the pipe surface, forming a strong seal to offer maximum sealing capabilities and leak-tightness, compared to other competitors’ rubber gaskets.

Ease of Installation

The fittings’ wrap around design considerably simplifies the fittings’ installation and allows for a quick connection without the need for specialist tooling or equipment.

Quality Assurance

Approved to GIS/LC8-4, our new range of repair and under-pressure connection fittings, for pressure ratings up to 2 bar, have undergone extensive laboratory testing to give you the assurance of a technically advanced product range with high integrity.

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Date : Aug 24, 2019
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